WEEK 1 — 19th October Friday — Gymnastics

Gymnastics starts – every Friday of term (9 sessions, finishes 14th December)

11.45am – 12.30 (9yrs and under)?
12.45 – 1.30 (over 9 yrs)

WEEK ONE — 17th October Wednesday — MHE Library

MHE Library open 1-4pm

Upstairs above the Just Zilch shop, behind the Gull service station, Square end of Fitzherbert Ave.

Contact Robyn B via the contact page for more details

MHE Activities List Term 4 2012

Term dates are 15th October to 14th December. I am going to start posting the activities as time permits so keep those eyes open.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Mmmmm, what do you think?

Dad finds way to block Facebook

You’ve heard of Ice Block, but what about Face Block :=)


Cambridge Exams for homeschoolers

Source: www.hef.org.nz

Are you interested in Cambridge exams but don’t know where to start?

There are several things you can do.

Firstly, request a copy of the Private Candidate Handbook which is available from the Association for Cambridge Schools in NZ (acsnz@ags.school.nz). This outlines the courses which our students can take as well as the relevant costs etc.

Also, if anyone is interested, Judith Tizzard and I have had a DVD produced with the help of a lovely homeschooling family which covers the basics of Cambridge – specifically from a homeschooling perspective.  Please contact info@cambridgeexamsolutions.co.nz if you are interested and we’ll let you know the details on how to obtain a copy.

There is also an email discussion group set up especially for those homeschooling families sitting the Cambridge exams (Judith and I are the owners/moderators of this email loop):


Alternatively, send an email with “subscribe” in the subject header to:


Update: Two years ago there were only a handful of homeschoolers sitting Cambridge exams. This year there will be over 200. It is wonderful that we now have this option available to us. The new streamlined system for Private Candidates has been so successful that it is going to be used as an example for how similar systems can be introduced in other countries around the world.

Once again, Kiwi home educators led the way!

Kind regards,

Erena & Judith

Cambridge Exam Solutions Ltd – a non-profit organisation committed to providing and maintaining total, permanent and nationwide access to Cambridge Exams for homeschoolers.

500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Amazing 500 online courses ! Thanks to Barbara at HEF for the link to this page.

Ukulele Practices and Festival


Date: Thursday 26th July, 2nd August, 9th August, 16th August, 30th August.

Time: 1:15pm or 1:45pm.

Place: Life Church.

Contact: Rachel T. (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

*** But wait, there’s more ***


Date: Saturday 1st September.

Time: 11-3.30pm.

Details: Our ukulele group will be performing at this event, check out the details at the website centralukulelefestival.org.nz.

Freyberg and Westend Swimming

Place: Freyberg.

Date: Starts Monday 23rd July and finishes 10th September (8 sessions).

Contact: Joe F. (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Place: Westend.

Date: Starts Monday 25th July and finishes 12th September (8 sessions).

Contact: Tania M. (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Gymnastics starts


Date: Begins Friday 20th July and repeats every Friday of term (11 sessions).

Time: 11.45am-12.30 (9 years and under) and 12.45-1.30 (over 9 years).

Contact: Melissa L. (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Science Fair Prep day


Date: Thursday 19th July.

Time: 10am.

Place: Gateways CF Church, Church Street, PN.

Contact: Rachael O’D (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Ice Skating

We have been able to book the ice skating rink in the Square for an hour in the first week of this term! Be in quick with your booking.

Date: Wednesday 18th July.

Time: 1.15pm for a 1.30pm start. We need to be there 15 minutes early to fit skates so we get the full hour on the ice.

Place: The Square.

Cost: $7.50 per person MHE members,  $8.50 nonmembers, whether child or adult.
Cash on the day to Liz please.

Age: 5 to adult. Remember ice skating can be dangerous and it is recommended that younger children wear a cycle helmet.

Contact: Liz W. (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: There is a limited of 50 children so first in first served, but I will run a waiting list. I also need to know how many adults plan to skate as there is a limit to the number the rink can take, I can’t guarantee that every adult who wants to will be able to skate. I will send out a reminder on Monday 16 July to confirm places. If you don’t reply to that email, I will be offering your place to someone on the waiting list, if we have one.

Here comes the Science Fair!!

science fairHey Guys – Please read on? Don’t be afraid :-)

We need to get the word out about the Science Fair that is coming up on August 30th, 9.30am at Gateways Church, on Church St.

It’s not your normal School Science Fair. It has been designed to allow all ages to participate and take some amazing information and experiments home. There will be two ways to display your child’s science projects: one to just display and share, and the other to have the opportunity to be judged according to Science Fair requirements.

An optional Prep Day is scheduled for July 19th at 10am-11:30ish (also at Gateways). Its purpose is to help show some examples of previous boards, relieve any fears parents may have about the Science Day, and answer any questions.

Anyone wishing to participate by entering a project will be able to get information and have questions answered. For those wishing to enter into the more formal section, there will also be specific information on how to properly conduct a Science Fair project and then present that information to Science Fair requirements.

If you would like to enter this judging part but are unable to come to the preparation day to receive the requirements, please email me (Rachel O’D on the Contact page) and I will get them to you.

The Science Fair will be broken into two sections – The morning period will be a time to exhibit your child/children’s work. Please feel free to display your wonderful science work and experiments in any way you like. The main objective is to allow children to have a chance to show their work and look around at what others have been doing and getting some fantastic learning from each other as we go. There will also be an area for any child/children who want their displays to be judged and evaluated according to Science Fair standards, there will also be some placing prizes awarded.

Next a time will be allotted for any child who wishes to present a two minute speech on their science display. Following this we will share a morning tea and spend the remaining time discovering exciting things about science. The children will be able to visit work stations that are designed to teach them about the different aspects of science and take home simple experiments. They will be able to watch a dissection, see the amazing world of Dry Ice, make a bug, bury a fossil, and more!

Even after the Prep. Day, if you believe compiling a Science Fair board at any level may be out of your comfort zone, the day will still be worth your while.

It will be a great opportunity to see everyone’s work, share some morning tea, and finally participate in the Science Workstations that will be run in the afternoon.

The cost is small: $8 for MHE families or $10 per family for non-members, but the benefit our children get will be huge.

Please complete the Registration Form (click here to download the PDF) and return it to the address indicated as soon as possible.

Let’s all plan to be there.

A few photos from the dissection classes

Check them out here. Many thanks to Sarah for running the classes!

A few photos from the dissection classes

Are we raising a nation of dunces?

home school scholarship


Poor parenting and too many hours in front of the TV are being blamed for a “disturbing” rise in the number of children lacking the basic skills they need when they start school.

One speech therapist had to teach a 5-year-old the word “banana”, and one Wellington school is running a programme to teach new entrants basic motor skills that include how to hang up their school bags.

In Wairarapa, Masterton Primary School principal Sue Walters said: “We get a lot of kids who come to school who just can’t form proper sentences.

“They have very limited vocabulary and some are operating at a 3-year-old’s level. You can’t teach kids to read and write if they can’t speak.”

The problem was not necessarily socio-economic, but one of parenting, Ms Walters said. With individual attention from an articulate adult every day, pupils quickly progressed.