Te Manawa — Old School Days

Date: Wednesday 20 June

Time: 1:30pm

Place: Te Manawa

Cost: Cost: $5 per child MHE members, $6 per child non-members.  There is a maximum number of 30 children.

Age: 5-13

Contact: Please book with Liz W (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: Ever wondered what school was like at the beginning of the 20th century?

Experience school life in an authentic early 1900s schoolroom with the Te Manawa educator in role as teacher.

Using a strict disciplinary approach appropriate to the period, the teacher has the students explore the three ‘R’s: Reading Writing and Arithmetic.

School yard games will also be added to the session, weather permitting. 

Without the games the session is an hour, with the games, an hour and half.?

Check it out at Te Manawa Website

Biology Dissection Classes

Date: Friday 15 June

Cost: See http://mhe.org.nz/2012/04/biology-dissection-classes/


Date: Thursday 14 June

Cost: See http://mhe.org.nz/2012/04/may-laser-tag/

Afternoon of indoor soccer, hockey or netball

Date: Wednesday 13 June

Time: 1-3pm

Place: Action Indoor Sport, Tremaine Avenue

Cost: $3 per child MHE member; $4 per child non-member

Contact: Rachel T (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: Minimum of 20 required. Come along and enjoy an afternoon of indoor soccer, hockey or netball.

Anne Frank Exhibition at Te Manawa


This exhibition tells the story of the Frank family’s flight to The Netherlands from Nazi Germany and their two years in hiding in the secret annex at the rear of an office building. It also covers the stories of the people who helped them to hide and the others who hid with them. It movingly captures the sudden betrayal that led to their transportation to concentration camps and death.

A project by the New Zealand Netherlands Foundation

Date:May 11, 2012 to Jun 24, 2012

More details here.

Anne Frank Exhibition at Te Manawa

An easy one for the kids to solve

Next number


Hi folks. Lots more activities still to post, so keep your eyes peeled !!!

May — Graham Braddock — Workshop 7 : How to Draw Sports Figures in Action

Date: Friday 11th May

Time: 10:30 – 12:15 – first workshop on “Skateboarding”; 12:15 – 1:00 – Lunch; 1:00 – 2:45 – second workshop on “Rugby”

Place: Reformed Church, 541 Ruahine St; Palmerston North

Age: 7yrs up. (If parents want to participate they need to pay the fee. However if you are helping a young child there is no fee).

Cost: For both workshops: (3 – 4 hours of tuition!) $16 per student for MHE (DCA) members $20 per student for non members

Contact: Antoinette K (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)  — When registering please let me know if you are a MHE (formerly Dayspring) member or not. Payment is on the day and cheques are acceptable and should be made out to Manawatu Home Educators.

Registration: You need to register.

Details: Graham Braddock is a well known Christian, New Zealand artist who has produced many stunning paintings (see http://www.grahambraddock.net).

Garden Tomb in Israel

Graham de mystifies the art of drawing and teaches techniques that he wishes he had known about in his youth. These techniques challenge the student to venture beyond his/her ‘comfort zone’ and to get excited about drawing. His workshops engage and inspire even the more experienced artists among us. So parents don’t be afraid to have a go.

In this year’s workshop the children and young people (age 7 and up) will be working from projected images. Starting with stick figures they will learn about figure proportions, be introduced to ways of conveying movement, and begin to think about dynamic balance.

Graham has been coming down from Auckland and holding drawing workshops for MHE for 7 years. They have been well attended, worthwhile and much appreciated. He informs us that, although another teacher has been trained up to take his place, this will be his last time. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Mark this date on your calendar and send in your registration to Antoinette K — numbers are limited.

REFRESHMENTS: Tea and coffee will be provided for the adults but please make sure your children have their own drinks and everyone provides their own lunch.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: 6B sketching pencil (silver/grey Staedtler ‘Noris’ maxi sketching pencils are ideal) , a black pen that makes lines about 0.5mm-1mm thick, a black ball point pen, coloured pencils or colour felt tips and a book or something similar (at least A4 size) to use as a drawing surface. Two sheets of white paper will be provided for each student.

May — Tawhiti Museum, Hawera

Date: 4th May

Time: 10am

Place: Tawhiti Museum, Hawera

Cost: They have given us the school rate which is $13 per adult and $8 per child. That includes the museum, traders and whalers and the machinery.

Contact: Tania M (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: The visit will take about 2-3 hours and the trip to Hawera is approximately 2 hours.

Check it out at www.tawhitimuseum.co.nz

Please book with Tania M.

Tawhiti Museum, Hawera

June — Laser Tag

Date: 28th June

Details: Please see this post.

May — Laser Tag

Website: here.

Date: Thurs 3 May, Thurs 17 May, Thurs 31 May, Thurs 14 June, Thurs  28 June

Time: 1 – 1.45pm

Place: 30 Bennett St (map), Palmerston North

Cost: MHE members $5 per person; non-members $6 per person.

Contact: Wendy A (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: 12+ Sports – We have organised Laser Tag for 12+ Sports for Term 2.

We will need to know numbers so please register your interest.

Laser Tag is a similar concept to paintball but without the pain and the mess! It is a lot of fun, for both guys and girls.

We may open this up to include 11-year-olds as well if necessary for numbers.

Due to Biology, and Tawhiti and Graham Braddock being on Fridays in Term 2, we have changed the 12+ Sports to Thursday afternoons for this term only.

July — Advance Notice for Term 3 Science Fair

Preparation Day Date: Thursday 19th July

Date: Thursday 23rd August

Contact: Rachael O’D (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: This is an exciting opportunity for children of all ages to research a topic and then display their findings in a non-threatening environment.

Your science display can be as basic as the water cycle through to microscopic components of the Manawatu river.

Come along to the preparation day to get some ideas and ‘how to start’ tips.

More details to come.

April — Freyberg Swimming

Date: Monday 30th April

Where: Freyberg School

Contact: Joe F (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Details: Freyberg Swimming starts.

April — Biology Dissection Classes

Date: Friday 27th April (May 18 & 25, June 1st, 8th & 15th also)

Time: 7.30pm

Where: 4 Gainsborough Grove, Parkwest, Palmerston North

Contact: Louise D (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)

Cost: $20 per child MHE members, $25 per child non MHE members

Details: This is a practical series of 6 lessons where students get to dissect a variety of organs under the guidance of an experienced vet student.

Each lesson has worksheets specific to the organ they will be dissecting.

Some examples are eye, kidney and brain organs.

Limited to 14 children and age 10+.

If there is a lot of interest we will consider another class later in the year.

April — MHE Annual General Meeting

Date and time: Thursday 26th April

Time: 7.30pm

Where: 155 Walkers Road Longburn

Contact: Robyn B (see http://mhe.org.nz/contact/)


Support your organisation and those who are responsible for running it.

New board members are needed.

There will be an opportunity to have your say about how things are done with MHE.