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Welcome to the NZ Centre of Mathematics, the access point for quality mathematical videos, textbooks and maths games. Choose from many of the free and printable maths worksheets and homework sheets. Each topic can be found in the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum and the work complements the New Zealand numeracy programme. All of the mathematics on the site is free of charge to download or watch. Sign in now and become a member. Each month we will send you a newsletter on maths in the news as well as any new resources that we have released on the site.

Screen Scribes: Writing for Practice and Pleasure

A five-week online writing experience designed for 8 to 12 year olds (although age limits are flexible).

The purpose of Screen Scribes is to encourage writing confidence. Feedback is supportive and constructive. Writing is not graded. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.  

Enrolment is capped at 5 students. Course begins 18 February and ends 22 March.

To enrol your child, please send the following information by 12 February: 

  • Name of child
  • Age
  • Home Address/Phone
  • Name of parent and contact phone/email 
  • Email address child will use for the course

Send all enquiries and registrations to  

Cost is $ 55.00, payable on enrolment.  

About the Instructor: My name is Suzanne Chelius. I have been teaching writing for over 15 years, most recently as a tutor at Massey University. I also do plenty of informal teaching of writing in my role as a homeschooling parent of two children, a 10 year old and a 5 year old. 

I see an individual’s relationship with words as powerful. Writing is a way of connecting with a specialised portion of the brain, different to speaking. In my own career as a student and a writer, I have struggled with writer’s block, and I am familiar with the frustration that can come with writing. However, I am also familiar with the elation that can come with writing—the thrill of reaching a reader and connecting! 

In designing this course, I wanted to create an opportunity for homeschooled children to practice writing in a safe and supportive environment.  I wait for their words on the other side of cyber-space, respond positively with questions or constructive feedback, and in turn, these young writers ask questions about their work and/or respond to my comments. As a teacher in this course my aim is not to evaluate, but to encourage and to cultivate writing. 

Course Outline: Screen Scribes is a 5-week online writing course designed for 8 to 12 year olds. The curriculum focuses on bi-weekly positive practice, inviting participants to write in a progression of 10 prompts which move from Personal Reflection to Informational to Creative to Synthesis. The purpose of the course is to increase writing confidence.  Toward this end, my feedback will not evaluate on a grading scale.

To participate, each child will need an email account and a word processing programme.

Easy hydraulic machine for young engineers

Man or muppet?

View William in the audition.

New Zealand’s got Talent Voting Poster.

William was home Schooled from the age of 11 as advised by the education dept, interesting he hasn’t looked back.

He has been composing music since the age of 4 and by age 7 had  became a Australasian Award Winner.

Home Schooling allowed him time for his music studies composing and travel.

William’s web site is  where you will find more info  on William.

Home Schoolers are more than welcome to come and visit William and see the music room if that would be of interest to them.

WEEK ONE — 17th October Wednesday — MHE Library

MHE Library open 1-4pm

Upstairs above the Just Zilch shop, behind the Gull service station, Square end of Fitzherbert Ave.

Contact Robyn B via the contact page for more details

500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Amazing 500 online courses ! Thanks to Barbara at HEF for the link to this page.

Here comes the Science Fair!!

science fairHey Guys – Please read on? Don’t be afraid :-)

We need to get the word out about the Science Fair that is coming up on August 30th, 9.30am at Gateways Church, on Church St.

It’s not your normal School Science Fair. It has been designed to allow all ages to participate and take some amazing information and experiments home. There will be two ways to display your child’s science projects: one to just display and share, and the other to have the opportunity to be judged according to Science Fair requirements.

An optional Prep Day is scheduled for July 19th at 10am-11:30ish (also at Gateways). Its purpose is to help show some examples of previous boards, relieve any fears parents may have about the Science Day, and answer any questions.

Anyone wishing to participate by entering a project will be able to get information and have questions answered. For those wishing to enter into the more formal section, there will also be specific information on how to properly conduct a Science Fair project and then present that information to Science Fair requirements.

If you would like to enter this judging part but are unable to come to the preparation day to receive the requirements, please email me (Rachel O’D on the Contact page) and I will get them to you.

The Science Fair will be broken into two sections – The morning period will be a time to exhibit your child/children’s work. Please feel free to display your wonderful science work and experiments in any way you like. The main objective is to allow children to have a chance to show their work and look around at what others have been doing and getting some fantastic learning from each other as we go. There will also be an area for any child/children who want their displays to be judged and evaluated according to Science Fair standards, there will also be some placing prizes awarded.

Next a time will be allotted for any child who wishes to present a two minute speech on their science display. Following this we will share a morning tea and spend the remaining time discovering exciting things about science. The children will be able to visit work stations that are designed to teach them about the different aspects of science and take home simple experiments. They will be able to watch a dissection, see the amazing world of Dry Ice, make a bug, bury a fossil, and more!

Even after the Prep. Day, if you believe compiling a Science Fair board at any level may be out of your comfort zone, the day will still be worth your while.

It will be a great opportunity to see everyone’s work, share some morning tea, and finally participate in the Science Workstations that will be run in the afternoon.

The cost is small: $8 for MHE families or $10 per family for non-members, but the benefit our children get will be huge.

Please complete the Registration Form (click here to download the PDF) and return it to the address indicated as soon as possible.

Let’s all plan to be there.

Interested in biochemistry

The Cell’s Design book comes with a series FREE of MP3 lectures. Grab the sample chapter from here.

See also:

Unfortunately we don’t have this microscope, but we do have other stuff. See our Science Supplies page.

Microscopes are cool, so (thanks to Wayne’s World) you can enjoy this picture…

Messianic Prophecies For Children

From the beautiful Ariel Winter Mailer PDF here.  Ariel Ministries New Zealand office is here.

See also Ariel Ministries founder Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s itinerary and visit to Palmerston North and New Zealand here.


Making use of the public library

We looooove the Palmerston North City Library, but what if they don’t have the books you want to read? Well, you fill in the request form.

And if you loooove eBooks, you should check out ePukapuka. Unfortunately you may have to avoid their many sleazy family-unfriendly book covers as you browse.

Fundamentals of the Faith

This is a great workbook for working through the basics of the Bible.

A teacher’s guide is also available.

You can buy it from here (USA) or here (and Teacher’s Guide) in New Zealand.

In addition, there is a FREE MP3 series that runs along with the workbook, so there is minimal input required from the parent.

What does Apple’s new iBooks and iBooks Author mean for homeschool education?

Apple’s iBook event video:

What does this event mean for home schoolers? I suspect it means a lot, but we may not see the results in our midst for a year or two. In a nutshell:

  1. Textbook authors can now easily make their own beautiful digital textbooks for the iPad and sell them on the iTunes store. These textbooks are at most $14.99 USD and can be full multimedia.
  2. Schools can now follow the iTunes U (University) model and put full courses including notes, lectures, video lectures, and assignments online for free.

This surely opens the doors for full homeschool curricula to be defined and offered worldwide to any iPad user with minimal input required from the parent-teacher.

What do you think? Amazing? Exciting? Would you use a curriculum (e.g. SonLight or Apologia Science) if it was available on the iPad?

The perfect Christmas present?

From here in New Zealand:

We now have this DVD and you are welcome to borrow it. Highly recommended.

Secrets of Mental Math: Free Video Lecture on How to Memorize Numbers

Download the lecture for a limited time here:

One of the best resources for homeschoolers

This website is amazing:

Sal has put together over 2,100 short videos beautifully explaining myriads of educational topics: physics, finance, history, economics, the financial collapse, algebra, calculus, chemistry, trig, stats……

The advantage of learning from videos like these is that you can learn at your own pace. And stop and rewind. And replay. And replay. Until you finally understand it. Brilliant.