WEEK ONE — 17th October Wednesday — MHE Library

MHE Library open 1-4pm

Upstairs above the Just Zilch shop, behind the Gull service station, Square end of Fitzherbert Ave.

Contact Robyn B via the contact page for more details

Interested in biochemistry

The Cell’s Design book comes with a series FREE of MP3 lectures. Grab the sample chapter from here.

See also:

Unfortunately we don’t have this microscope, but we do have other stuff. See our Science Supplies page.

Microscopes are cool, so (thanks to Wayne’s World) you can enjoy this picture…

Messianic Prophecies For Children

From the beautiful Ariel Winter Mailer PDF here.  Ariel Ministries New Zealand office is here.

See also Ariel Ministries founder Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s itinerary and visit to Palmerston North and New Zealand here.


Making use of the public library

We looooove the Palmerston North City Library, but what if they don’t have the books you want to read? Well, you fill in the request form.

And if you loooove eBooks, you should check out ePukapuka. Unfortunately you may have to avoid their many sleazy family-unfriendly book covers as you browse.

Fundamentals of the Faith

This is a great workbook for working through the basics of the Bible.

A teacher’s guide is also available.

You can buy it from here (USA) or here (and Teacher’s Guide) in New Zealand.

In addition, there is a FREE MP3 series that runs along with the workbook, so there is minimal input required from the parent.

What does Apple’s new iBooks and iBooks Author mean for homeschool education?

Apple’s iBook event video:


What does this event mean for home schoolers? I suspect it means a lot, but we may not see the results in our midst for a year or two. In a nutshell:

  1. Textbook authors can now easily make their own beautiful digital textbooks for the iPad and sell them on the iTunes store. These textbooks are at most $14.99 USD and can be full multimedia.
  2. Schools can now follow the iTunes U (University) model and put full courses including notes, lectures, video lectures, and assignments online for free.

This surely opens the doors for full homeschool curricula to be defined and offered worldwide to any iPad user with minimal input required from the parent-teacher.

What do you think? Amazing? Exciting? Would you use a curriculum (e.g. SonLight or Apologia Science) if it was available on the iPad?

Book Sale – Bring & Buy


Books ~ Resource kits ~ Magazines ~ and much more

Bring your own priced second-hand items to sell, tell your friends.

Saturday 6th November 9am – 3pm At Gateways Christian Fellowship, Church St, Palmerston North.