Easy hydraulic machine for young engineers

Man or muppet?

View William in the audition.

New Zealand’s got Talent Voting Poster.

William was home Schooled from the age of 11 as advised by the education dept, interesting he hasn’t looked back.

He has been composing music since the age of 4 and by age 7 had  became a Australasian Award Winner.

Home Schooling allowed him time for his music studies composing and travel.

William’s web site is  www.williamfairbairn.com  where you will find more info  on William.

Home Schoolers are more than welcome to come and visit William and see the music room if that would be of interest to them.

What does Apple’s new iBooks and iBooks Author mean for homeschool education?

Apple’s iBook event video:


What does this event mean for home schoolers? I suspect it means a lot, but we may not see the results in our midst for a year or two. In a nutshell:

  1. Textbook authors can now easily make their own beautiful digital textbooks for the iPad and sell them on the iTunes store. These textbooks are at most $14.99 USD and can be full multimedia.
  2. Schools can now follow the iTunes U (University) model and put full courses including notes, lectures, video lectures, and assignments online for free.

This surely opens the doors for full homeschool curricula to be defined and offered worldwide to any iPad user with minimal input required from the parent-teacher.

What do you think? Amazing? Exciting? Would you use a curriculum (e.g. SonLight or Apologia Science) if it was available on the iPad?

Secrets of Mental Math: Free Video Lecture on How to Memorize Numbers

Download the lecture for a limited time here:

One of the best resources for homeschoolers

This website is amazing:


Sal has put together over 2,100 short videos beautifully explaining myriads of educational topics: physics, finance, history, economics, the financial collapse, algebra, calculus, chemistry, trig, stats……

The advantage of learning from videos like these is that you can learn at your own pace. And stop and rewind. And replay. And replay. Until you finally understand it. Brilliant.