To become an MHE Member, please fill out the following Membership Form. The Membership Fee is $40.00 per family and is due at the beginning of each year. If you join MHE during the year, the fee will be reduced depending on which term you are joining in. Paying the Membership Fee gives you access to all our events and activities at the discounted rates, voting rights at our AGM, access to our Resource Library, as well as access to all the information that is passed on via our email list. If you’re having difficulty filling out our online form, or would like an offline version to fill out, please fill out the following Membership Form MHE Membership Form and return it via email to the Membership Coordinator.
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Membership Directory We provide a Membership Directory to our members. Your name, number, town, email address, and child's name (including month and year of birth) will be listed.
Volunteering We are an organisation run entirely by volunteers. As members, you are asked to assist where possible / available. Indicate below the areas in which you would like to help.

Indicate below any skills or interests you have that you may like to share with others:
Exemption Applications
Payment The Annual Membership Fee is $40.00 per family and is due at the beginning of each year. If you join throughout the year, the fee is reduced pro rata (see below).
Deposit your total to: Manawatu Home Educators 02 0719 0160638 00 with your surname and initial as the reference. Then email to confirm your payment. (this information will be emailed to you)
Member Declaration Manawatu Home Educators Incorporated is an incorporated society and registered charity. Manawatu Home Educators Incorporated (MHE) is based on Christian principles and values, and aims to be a supportive network for home educators from Manawatu and surrounding regions, be a resource hub to members, and to facilitate social and educational activities and events for members. Members shall promote the purposes of MHE and shall do nothing to bring the Society into disrepute. No decision or public statement shall be issued by a Member in the name of MHE or the MHE Committee unless it has been agreed to by the Committee. Membership shall entitle you to priority access to events and activities organized by MHE, access to the MHE Resource Library, the ability to attend MHE Committee and Society Meetings and access to the minutes. See Sections 3, 15 and 16 of the Rules of Manawatu Home Educators for more information. Members accept that photos of their children may be published on media related to MHE including the MHE website and social media. Members can opt out by contacting the MHE Committee.