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Gymnastics starts again this year after a very successful 2010 with Flipit Life Skill coach Russell S. Fees are slightly higher but still very reasonable compared with other gym tuition.

Two Sessions held on Fridays at Waldegrave Street, Barber Hall (sandwich board outside entrance). Start date is Friday Feb 11th.

Session 1: 11:45am – 12:35pm (Ages 5 – 9 approx) Sch. yr 1-4
Session 2: 12:40 pm – 1:30 pm (Ages 9 -13 ish approx) Sch yr 5 – 9

Fees are as follows this year:

One child: $60
Two children: $60, plus $55 for second child ($115)
Three children: $60 plus $55 plus $55 for third child ($170)

Payment is required by the first week (or VERY LATEST by second week). This can be cash to Louise or internet banking.

The a/c no. to bank gym fees into are as follows: BNZ 020719 0160638 00 ref surname and ‘gym‘.

Cheques can be made out to “Manawatu Home Educators”

There is a roster for parents which allows fees to stay at this rate.

If you have health issues or have preschoolers then we are lenient about you being on the roster.

Louise will be at both sessions to collect payments and meet families.

All enquiries and/or to enrol your child/ren this year for gym please us via the CONTACT page before Feb 9th.