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Today we went to a science road show, with Dad. I think he was more exited than we were, but, oh well. They had heaps of exhibitions, all about

  • Astronomy
  • The Human Body
  • Earth Science
  • Farming
  • Forces
  • Light

Some exhibitions were really confusing, some broken, and others I couldn’t understand what they were there for. We were with some school kids and they got to the exhibitions first, us all being very polite. It also concluded that we stayed an hour later, because Dad, being Dad wanted to look at all the exhibitions and explain them to us in great detail. Most of the home-schoolers stayed to look at the exhibitions after all the school kids left. I don’t think we were the last to leave but it’s not unusual if we are. My favorite three exhibitions were:

  • The black hole, where you put a ball down a hole, and it was like it was going down a back hole.
  • One where you scanned food and it told you if you have a heathy diet. I think it was the scanning bit though.
  • The human gyroscope thing. I spun a wheel thing and then tilted it. I spun and round in circles, slowly…